Leaving Certificate Maths Grinds

Mathematics Grinds

At Nenagh Tutorial, we offer Leaving Certificate Mathematics Grinds for 5th and 6th year students in the leaving cert cycle. Our teachers break down the Mathematics subject into its fundamentals, so the student will understand the subject. We focus on the aspects of Mathematics where the student needs help.

Our Mathematics grinds can be delivered person to person at our school in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary or delivered via a Zoom or Teams video call.

If the student chooses the person to person Mathematics grind, he/she is required to follow the latest Covid – 19 restrictions.

  • Students must sanitise hands upon entry to the room.
  • Face coverings will be in line with guidelines set out by the Department of Education and Science.

Cost of the Mathematics grinds are €45 for a 1 hour grind.

The student is required to bring their text books and a refill pad with them to the grind.

Fill in the form with your details and your preferred date and time and we will get back to you with availability.

You are then required to pay online using this form.

Nenagh Tutorial  require 48 hours notice for a cancellation.

Mathematics Curriculum

For mathematics, subject content is presented at Ordinary and Higher levels under the headings:

The Leaving Certificate Mathematics syllabus comprises five strands:

  1. Statistics and Probability

The aim of the probability unit is two-fold: it provides certain understandings intrinsic to problem solving and it underpins the statistics unit. It is expected that the conduct of experiments (including simulations), both individually and in groups, will form the primary vehicle through which the knowledge, understanding and skills in probability are developed. References should be made to appropriate contexts and applications of probability.

  1. Geometry and Trigonometry

The synthetic geometry covered at Leaving Certificate is a continuation of that studied at junior cycle. It is based on the Geometry for Post-primary School Mathematics, including terms, definitions, axioms, propositions, theorems, converses and corollaries.

  1. Number

Strand 3 further develops the proficiency learners have gained through their study of strand 3 at junior cycle. Learners continue to make meaning of the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole and rational numbers and extend this sense-making to complex numbers.

  1. Algebra

This strand builds on the relations-based approach of junior cycle where the five main objectives were :

  • to make use of letter symbols for numeric quantities.
  • to emphasise relationship based algebra .
  • to connect graphical and symbolic representations of algebraic concepts .
  • to use real life problems as vehicles to motivate the use of algebra and algebraic thinking .
  • to use appropriate graphing technologies (graphing calculators, computer software) throughout the strand activities.
  1. Functions

This strand builds on the learners’ experience in junior cycle where they were formally introduced to the concept of a function as that which involves a set of inputs, a set of possible outputs and a rule that assigns one output to each input.

The relationship between functions and algebra is further emphasised and learners continue to connect graphical and symbolic representations of functions. They are introduced to calculus as the study of how things change and use derivatives to solve various kinds of real-world problems. They learn how to go from the derivative of a function back to the function itself and use such methods to solve various geometric problems, such as computation of areas of specified regions.

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Primary level, Junior Cert, Leaving cert, TEFL and Career guidance grinds cost €45. Third level, HPAT and GAMSAT grinds cost €60.
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